Now we get to the fun part, where I stand on the issues.  I will first go over my platform and then where I stand on some other issues.  My platform is all focused around bridging the gap between the two parties and working on issues in which both sides traditionally agree.  I am sick and tired of the polarization on both sides.  People are struggling and we have, for too long, had a piece of shit Congress that would rather bicker about what divides us than work on the issues in my platform of which most people on both sides agree will make us better off.

Legalize Cannabis-

This one is a no brainer.   Despite no actual evidence that Cannabis is a gateway drug and insurmountable evidence that it is far less dangerous or intoxicating than alcohol, for some reason it is still prohibited.  As we plunge trillions of dollars more a year into debt we spend billions upon billions locking people up over a fucking plant.  Enough is enough.  Legalize cannabis and regulate and tax it similar to alcohol and tobacco.  Bring in the massive money.  Give farmers in Wisconsin something new and lucrative to grow.  It only makes sense!

End Citizens United-

People wonder why Congress has had below a 30 percent approval rating for nearly a decade.  It’s because they are all beholden to the money.  They don’t give a fuck about you.  Citizens United allowed unlimited influence from corporations and special interests.  Corporations are not people, people are people.  It’s time to say enough is enough to money over people and make it so our elected representatives actually care about us again.  Furthermore we need to elect candidates that don’t take money from any special interests.  And in this race I am the only one!

Shift Tax Breaks-

What I mean by this is cut the trillions of dollars in tax breaks handed out over the last decade to giant corporations (who just ship jobs overseas anyway) and instead apply those to small and medium sized businesses.  We need to end the days when GE has paid absolutely nothing in corporate taxes but your family farms and small town businesses pay up to 35 percent.  And GE still moves hundreds of jobs right out of our backyard.  It’s ridiculous, small and medium sized businesses add far more to the economy and workforce.  They need that money far more.  And will add multiples of the jobs and economic activity in comparison to giant tax cheats like GE.

Impose Tariffs-

There are many places where I disagree with Donald Trump but this is not one of them.  We need to impose tariffs across the board.  We need to make it so the value of the American worker and American economy mean something again.  If there is a trade war so be it.  There needs to come a time where we say enough is enough.  We need to re establish value in our workforce and our spending.  And give these corporations a reason to stay here.  People say they worry about a trade war but we are currently in an economic war.  And we are getting our fucking asses handed to us.  Enough is enough!  Tariff, Tariff, Tariff!

Those are the ideas in my platform and the main ideas I would be pushing for.  However I don’t think that just my platform is enough for someone to make an informed decision so I’ll go over a couple of hot button issues and where I stand on those as well for a more informed choice.  Also feel free to ask me about any issue you would like!


I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  However I also think that the entire “pro-life” movement has it wrong.  They don’t really want to end abortions.  They want to bitch and moan.  Because 100 percent without a doubt if they spent even 10% of the time, energy, and money on poverty that they do abortions than abortions would be a non issue.  The cold hard fact is they don’t and they won’t.  Because a fetus means more than a life to them.  And actually stopping abortions would require actually combating poverty which isn’t worth their time.

2nd Amendment-

I believe in the Constitution entirely.  However, much as the first Amendment is subject to restrictions I believe also so should the second.  Now before you get your panties up in a bunch hear me out.  Both sides are going about this issue wrong and it is intentional.  Both sides agree on a few things.  Background checks for private sales, a better background check system, and banning of bump stocks and giant magazines.  So why don’t we focus on these things and bicker about the rest later?  I take no position outside of supporting these areas where both sides agree so that we can actually do something rather than bitch and moan and parrot whatever the NRA or Democratic Party tell us.  I also think if we want to address gun violence we need to address poverty.  Because the vast majority of gun violence occurs in the hoods that we stuff the poor people into then just forget about them.  I also support a bill that would make it illegal to take away constitutional rights including 2nd Amendment rights from anyone who is convicted of a non violent and victimless felony.


Unless you’re Native American you come from an immigrant family. Contrary to popular belief immigrants do pay taxes (although they don’t get refunds) and they don’t qualify for public assistance. They do however work their asses off oftentimes in jobs that would be hard to fill by citizens. The path to citizenship should be based off of how much one contributes to society. Not based off being able to spend $50,000 for a cheap lawyer and 15 years if you’re lucky going through beurocratic bullshit which is the current system. I have several friends who are undocumented. One of them has been friends with me almost my entire adult life. One of them just recently became a citizen after over 15 years of trying. I’ve seen the test book for the citizen test. Very few US born citizens could ever pass that test. I couldn’t. But the problem is our process is flawed. It’s based off how much money and yellow tape you can cut through and how many questions you can answer that have no relevance to how good or bad of a citizen you would make. I support a system that is based off of what you contribute to society not meaningless factors. I support a temporary stay and once someone in that stay can show they want to be just as productive as anyone else here they are allowed citizenship.